Friday, April 30, 2010

Snug as a Bug in a Rug

I haven't updated you guys on the renovations in quite a while... not since the day mum's hand went through the floor by the toilet! LOL.

This is the "snug", kind of like a den.. its right off the bathroom and the living room and it'll be home to a television, desk, futon (or daybed) and all of the video game equipment. It's going to be a warm and snug-gly place to hang out and most importantly a place for Kevin to play video games without disturbing us watching tv As you can see our house is put together in an interesting way... How it works is we have a stud-framed house with barn board on the inside, between that and the outside siding we just recently found is mortar, we suspect for "insulation". It seems that at one point our entire house was wood sided and the brick portion was given a brick ficade when they had the money! Very cool or what? The dividing wall between the living room and snug is framed with tongue and groove panelling (oldddd) on the bottom and lath and plaster on the top on the living room side only. Just so you know, the window there is in awful condition.. they're 10-12 years old and have no been taken care of so we're having custom windows done for the entire house but we're doing it room by room because its so expensive. They'll have mullions and look somewhat like the original window we have in the kitchen (also coming out). Though unfortunately about the windows we just discovered that the window sills are rotted and will need replacing so what we save by not having a double brick house, we now have to put into getting new sills made and installed. Oh well.

Mum is outfitted for the job, she *was* wearing a bag as a hat to keep the dust out of her hair too and big huge googles. We spent a good 4 or 5 hours knocking plaster off the wall. Actually funny enough its not even really plaster, of course on that one wall it is but that is the plaster for the living room. In fact, in the 'snug' and bathroom the walls are made of this fantastic material that I suppose came between lath and plaster and drywall called "Gyproc Lath." It is a drywall type material that has ridges on the finish side to plaster over. It is basically the same idea as lath and plaster except it takes less plaster to give you the same look. Pretty neat huh?

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